Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day March and Commemoration

Brunswick St., Third St., Fourth St.
Wilmington NC 28401
Location: Historic Downtown Wilmington

Martin Luther King Jr. Day has special resonance to Wilmingtonians because (among other reasons) Dr. King was scheduled to travel to Wilmington for a speaking engagement on the day he was assassinated. Wilmington honors his memory with a week of events dedicated to him and his work ending with Monday's commemorative parade. Additional programs include assorted venues with food and entertainment, a gospel concert, banquets and speeches.

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Dates : Start: January 22, 2017 - End: January 16, 2017

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11:00 AM


Parade is Free : Full list of programs and admissions for the week's events are available for viewing on the website.


Family, History/Reenactments, Literary/Lectures, Music/Concerts, Parades

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Address:Brunswick St., Third St., Fourth St. Wilmington NC 28401