Hollywood is Calling…Hollywood East That Is!

Affectionately referred to as “Hollywood East” by locals, Wilmington, N.C.’s Historic River District and Island Beaches boast a bounty of extraordinary experiences from the river to the sea. Since Hollywood first called in 1983, Wilmington and our island beaches have logged more than 400 film-related credits, including the largest production to date for the Wilmington area, Marvel Studios' "Iron Man 3" - 2013's highest grossing film!

Last year was a banner year for movies made in Wilmington and its Island Beaches with “Iron Man 3,” “We're the Millers” and “The Conjuring”. 2014 is proving to be another great year for Wilmington production with the box office success of Melissa McCarthy’s made-in-Wilmington comedy  “Tammy” and strong ratings for CBS’s hit summer series “Under the Dome.”

Other recent projects include: Mattel’s highly anticipated action/adventure film “Max Steel” (starring Maria Bello, Mike Doyle, Andy Garcia) and North Carolina native Nicholas Sparks’ latest novel-turned-screenplay "The Longest Ride", both slated for a 2015 release. ABC’s new series “Secrets and Lies” will premier later this fall.  Current productions include: FOX TV’s “Sleepy Hollow” (Season 2), “The Choice” (another Nicholas Sparks film!) and indie films “Bolden!”, “Yellow Footprints” and “Return to Salem’s Cove.”

We just love seeing Wilmington and our beaches on the silver screen!

Here are some reasons to look forward to Fall 2014:

STUDIO TOURS STILL GOING STRONG! Visitors can experience behind-the-scenes movie magic during weekend guided tours of EUE/Screen Gems Studio in Wilmington, N.C. This summer the weekend tours will often include sets from productions. Depending on filming schedules, set availability may not always be guaranteed, so get yourself to Wilmington soon for a Hollywood East experience!

• FOX TV’s hit series “Sleepy Hollow” second season premiers on Monday, September 22 at 9pm (EST). For a behind-the-scenes preview of Season 2  click here. Season 1 is now available on DVD.

• ABC’s new made-in-Wilmington series “Secrets and Lies” (starring Ryan Phillipe and Juliette Lewis) will premier this fall (stay tuned for the mid-season release date). To see the trailer, click here.

• “The Remaining,” a Wilmington-made horror/thriller, was released in early September. Watch the trailer here.

• “The Devil’s Hand” (formerly “The Occult”) is set for an October 10 release on VOD, EST, DVD and other TV platforms.

“Jessabelle”, a horror/thriller, will be in theatres November 7.

Filmmakers and visitors favor the mild climate, island beaches, varied landscapes and architecture, and historic town along the Cape Fear River. Pulsing with an independent spirit, charm and energy, come see where the water takes you and find out why Hollywood lights are drawn to Wilmington. AND check out this “Entertainment Weekly” piece for the scoop on how to experience Hollywood East in "Wilmington, N.C.: Small City Behind Big TV Shows". Even "Sleepy Hollow" stars Tom Mison and Orlando Jones  show us some love in this PSA they did for North Carolina Historic Sites.

The scene is set for film locations and vacations from riverfront to oceanfront in Wilmington, N.C. and our Island Beaches.