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Eight Great Ways to Experience Fall in Wilmington and Island Beaches

Posted on September 20, 2017

When fall comes around, it’s easy to shift your travel focus away from the coast. But in Wilmington, mild temperatures, fewer crowds, special off-season deals, and our version of fall colors – green and brown sea oats, corals and oranges from an oceanfront sunrise or riverfront sunset – make

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Unique Neighborhoods in Wilmington

Posted on June 01, 2017

Wilmington is a vibrant riverfront city flowing with culture, style, energy, creativity and hospitality. The city’s River District pays tribute to both the past and the future by seamlessly blending its charming historic district with the more modern architecture of the developing north end of the

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Crafted in Wilmington

Posted on November 18, 2016

In addition to history, food, shopping, arts and culture and even three nearby beaches, Wilmington, North Carolina, is home to many artisans and artists who take inspiration from their surroundings and turn it into distinctive products. Here is a look a just a few of the standout products that are

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