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Top Things to Do with Kids in Wilmington, NC

Posted on May 03, 2019

Coastal destinations are often at the top of the bucket list when it comes to warm weather getaways, and for good reason. A destination that offers a combination of fun in the sun and other kid-friendly things to do is just the ticket for making your summer vacation fail proof. Read on for a roundup of the 12 Things to Do With Kids in Wilmington, NC. Located within an easy 30-minute drive from not one but three beaches, you can consider your summer family vacation planning DONE!

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Restaurant Radar: Chefs to Know in Wilmington and Island Beaches

Posted on May 01, 2019 | Jason Frye

Here in Wilmington, North Carolina, we’ve got it all: beaches, the river, a great (and growing) brewery scene, and some of the best chefs around. I know what you’re thinking, “Jason, you live here, of course you love it;” that’s true, but I’m also a travel and food writer and I’m fortunate to eat in spectacular restaurants the world over, so I know good food.

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Eight “Soft Outdoor Adventures” in Wilmington, NC

Posted on April 15, 2019

Whether your travel vibe is adrenaline junkie, couch potato or somewhere in between, destinations rich in “soft adventures” are right up your alley. Soft adventure, unlike its cousin hard adventure, involves little physical risk, requires little to no experience, and offers more convenience.

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Top Instagram Spots in Wilmington and our Island Beaches

Posted on April 08, 2019

From river to sea, there's abundant beauty in Wilmington and our Island Beaches. Social media makes it easier than ever to capture and share that beauty. You might be wondering where to get that Insta-worthy gram on your next visit. From whimsical gardens and a historic battleship to oceanside sunrises and a maritime forest, we've rounded up some of the best photography locations.

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Hidden Historical Gems in Wilmington, NC and its Island Beaches

Posted on April 01, 2019 | Si Cantwell

After I retired recently from the StarNews, Wilmington’s daily newspaper, I found myself with enough time to get out and visit some special places. It gave me a chance to see my county through the eyes of a visitor, to ride around and visit places connected to local history from the Revolutionary War through World War II and later.

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