Brewery Accolades

Best-Kept Secrets: Places to Catch the NC Craft Beer Wave

Wilmington was featured in Best-Kept Secrets: Places to catch the NC craft beer wave by The News & Observerfor its wave of eclectic bottle shops, food trucks and breweries.

Travel Down the Wilmington Ale Trail

The number of breweries, bottle shops, and craft beer bars in the Wilmington and beaches area has exploded and continues to grow. This video by Wilmington Ale Trail and Port City Brew Bus highlights local breweries, introduces the passionate folks behind all the beer, and guides you through the hop-infused waters of the Port City like a true adventurer. You can also read more about the Ale Trail in the Fall 2017/Winter 2018 guide. We invite you to experience our craft beer culture and enjoy your coastal brewcation!

Wilmington Ranks amongst Best Cities for Beer Drinkers

Wilmington ranks #7 among the Best Cities for Beer Drinkers with one of the highest scores out of 296 cities researched by

Wilmington Ranks Amongst Other States for Beeriest Beach Towns

Wilmington was featured in Craft Beer's list of America's Beeriest Beach Towns. Read more about how local breweries, bottleshops, and brew tours ranked alongside Maine, California, Hawaii and Oregon, for the top 5 places to experience a "beery, beachside getaway."

A 36 Hour Guide to Wilmington's Craft Beer Scene

Beer enthusiasts: here’s a handy guide to exploring the Wilmington brew scene in just 3 days. See what local craft beers are a must to try and where by reading Our State magazine's article, A Beer Lover’s Guide to Wilmington (and the Cape Fear region) in 36 Hours. Cheers!

Gold Medal

Good Hops Brewery (Carolina Beach) won a Gold Medal for its Bravehop Scotch Ale.

Wilmington Makes a Run at Craft Beer Brewing

Wilmington is already known for its many tourist attractions, but now the Port City is also becoming a destination for craft beer lovers. Watch the story.