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Poplar Grove's Moonlight Paranormal Tours

  • overview
  • On the evening of the Full Moon and the New Moon, join a guided tour through the Manor House seeking possible paranormal activities. Deceased members of the Foy family still make their presence known in particular rooms of the house, and there are lots of stories to share of how they have introduced themselves over the years. The former slaves and tenant farmers are no less evident than the trees silhouetting the night sky.  A Scroll of the Dead will be provided that includes the names of family members who have passed on in the house

    Cameras, cell phones, Ipads, and paranormal activity equipment are welcome.

    Tours fill up quickly- please plan ahead

    • Presented By:  Poplar Grove Plantation
    • Time:  Tours 8:00 PM, with possibly another 9:00 PM tour time if needed
    • Price:  $15 for Tour

Poplar Grove's Moonlight Paranormal Tours
  • 10200 US Highway 17 North
  • Wilmington, NC 28411
  • 10/17/2020, 10/23/2020, 10/24/2020, 10/30/2020
  • Poplar Grove Plantation
  • $15 for Tour