Galleries & Pedestrian Art

Pedestrian Art Stops:

  1. Crimson Arcs and Large Watcher- Matt Amante (200 Willard St.)
  2. Outdoor Vessel- Matt Amante (925 N. Fourth St.)
  3. Up & Up- Carl Billingsley (125 Market St.)
  4. Yellow Orbit and Oribts- Carl Billingsley (Northern Riverwalk)
  5. Aura- Carl Billingsley (8th and Castle streets)
  6. Double Wedge- Carl Billingsley (Hannah Block Historic USO/Community Arts Center)
  7. Navigator and True North- Rick Conn (Northern Riverwalk)
  8. Saxy- Jason Morris (TBD)
  9. Without Prejudice- Paul Hill (210 Princess St.)

Permanent Pieces

  1. Straining To Be- Paul Hill (200 block of N. Front St)
  2. Light Before Time- Jeff Hackney (305 Chestnut St)
  3. Wind Harp- Phil Hathcock (400 block of Water St)
  4. Venus Flytrap Sculpture- Southern Hospitality by Paul Hill (Foot of Market & Water Streets)
  5. Dram Tree Sculpture- Dumay Gorham ( Between Riverwalk and Wilmington Convention Center)