Kure Beach: A Great Fall Destination for Military Families
Conveniently located less than two hours away from North Carolina’s two largest military bases, Fort Bragg and Camp Lejeune, Kure Beach is sure to offer something for everyone with its military history and influence. Read more»
Unusual Rock Formation on Display at Kure Beach
The Coquina Rock Formation at Kure Beach, unique to North Carolina, is only visible during low tide. Read more»
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Hidden Gems and Small Wonders at Kure Beach, North Carolina
Discover why Kure Beach, North Carolina is so beloved, visitors come back year after year to experience the hidden gems and beauty of the area. Read more»
Kick Up Your Heels at Kure Beach
It’s easy to find your summertime paradise at Kure Beach, a wonderful destination for the whole family thanks to its beautiful natural setting in a laid-back, small-town atmosphere. Read more»
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Fort Fisher State Recreation Area
Fort Fisher State Recreation Area, south of Wilmington at the southern tip of Pleasure Island, offers 6 miles of pristine, undeveloped shore line. To its north, Carolina Beach and Kure Beach siphon off a lot of the summer traffic, so the sands at Fort Fisher are comparatively quiet and the perfect spot for beachcombing, sunbathing or swimming. Read more»
Time Travel: The Carolina Coast Then and Now
Kure Beach and the Fort Fisher State Historic Site have several present-day attractions that offer visitors a nod to the past. This coastal community is ideal for groups like multi-generational travelers – meaning you, the kids, your parents and your beloved grandparents – there’s plenty to please everyone! Read more»
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Fall Getaway: 48 Hours in Kure Beach
Now is the perfect time to start thinking about a short fall getaway. For those who only have a few days to spare, but want to enjoy a peaceful and relaxing trip, Kure Beach provides the perfect setting. Known as a prime beach destination for young professionals to empty nesters, visitors traveling without kids can enjoy fewer crowds, mild temperatures and more affordable lodging rates in the off-season. Read more»
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Vacationing Beyond the Beach
It’s no secret that the allure of any coastal town is the sand, surf and sun, but if you’re yearning for adventure beyond sandcastles and shorelines, have no fear – there’s plenty to see and do at Kure Beach, N.C., to make for an unforgettable getaway. Read more»
48 Hours of Fun
48 Hours of Fun in Kure Beach
Small town atmosphere, beautiful beaches, a historic pier, delicious food and plenty of outdoor fun make for a relaxing fall getaway for couples or friends. Read more»
FREE Kure Beach and Carolina Beach summer activities

If you are heading to the beach this summer, check out this list of frugal and free activities at Kure Beach and Carolina Beach! Read more»

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Fort Fisher State Recreation Area
If uncrowded, unspoiled beach is what you’re after, look no further than Fort Fisher State Recreation Area. This state-maintained park at the southern tip of Pleasure Island – a few miles south of Wilmington – offers 6 miles of pristine, undeveloped shoreline. Read more»
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Friday Postcards From Kure Beach, North Carolina
Kure Beach will transport you back in time and bring back great beach memories from your youth. Read more»
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7 Things My Kids Rated Tops at Kure Beach
By George Smith I’ll admit, when my wife told me we were going to Kure Beach for our annual pre-Memorial Day escape, I gave her an inquisitive look. Then she told me about North Carolina’s “Small Wonder,” located just 18 miles south of Wilmington. Somewhere between the words “historic fort,” “off-shore fishing” and “affordable rates,” I was already (mentally) packing my bag. Naturally, our three young kids were sold on the words “beach,” “aquarium” and… Read more»
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2015 Brings New Looks and Exhibits to Kure Beach, N.C.
Visitors to North Carolina’s small wonder, Kure Beach, will be greeted with plenty of new things to see and do in 2015. This coastal beach community will soon be home to several exciting new exhibits, featuring everything from exotic birds to rare wartime memorabilia. Read more»
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Fish & History Start 2015 Off Right at Fort Fisher
If you’d have told me beforehand I’d enjoy reliving a famous Civil War battle and come eye to eye with an albino alligator all within a couple of hours, I might not have believed you. Nonetheless, in Fort Fisher, North Carolina that’s precisely what happened. Read more»
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Secret Beaches for Famlies
A beach vacation is a certain win for the whole family. And to be sure, the sun, sand, surf and sight-seeing are all a lot more enjoyable when you and your family members feel like you have it all to yourselves. With this in mind, some families prefer to seek out less-traveled beach towns when summer rolls around. Here are 5 of our favorites. Read more»
Pivotal Civil War battle relived at Fort Fisher
Hundreds of re-enactors were in New Hanover County this past weekend to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Battle of Fort Fisher, where Union soldiers overtook the fort from the Confederacy. Read more»
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Goliath Falls: Attacks Waged Against Fort Fisher
In January 1865, the fortunes of war were changing fast. General Ulysses S. Grant supported the first assault on Fort Fisher on Christmas Eve while south of Wilmington; Major General William Tecumseh Sherman refitted his army of 60,000 battle-hardened veterans in preparation for one of the most important battles of the Civil War. Read more»
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15 Great Ideas for Your 2015 Vacation
The don’t-miss commemoration for the 150th anniversary of the Civil War is Jan. 17-18 at Fort Fisher, just south of Wilmington – the Confederate seaport Fort Fisher was built to protect. Wilmington was the last major port still in Southern hands; that raised the ante. After a failed attempt in December 1864, the Union armada returned in mid-January and after a severe bombardment successfully launched the biggest pre-D-Day amphibious landing in history. Read more»
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Fun with Fido this Winter on Kure Beach

Surf, sand and sun are fun but animal lovers nationwide will be happy to learn that a seaside vacation can be about much more than the perfect suntan. Animal lovers need look no further than Kure Beach, N.C. for an array of exciting activities that will help them bond with their furry, feathered and finned friends.
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Shipwrecks Can Be Lucrative at Kure Beach
For the past three years, Paul Riccobon has been diving at Kure Beach in North Carolina, drawn by the opportunity to dive in waters where he can explore among a host of historic shipwrecks. Read more»
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11 Beaches Where History Was Made
As the Confederate Army's last major coastal stronghold and their only remaining gateway to global trade, Kure Beach was a critical stretch of sand during the final days of the Civil War. Read more»
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Kids Will Be Kids at Kure Beach

Yes, Kure Beach is home to an amazing aquarium, the Ocean Front Park, and a Civil War museum and fort, but sometimes it's the simple things that bring the kids together.
“Kure Beach and Carolina Beach with Kids: Top Family Attractions”
Kure Beach is less commercially developed than many other beach towns in the Southeast and offer a relaxed, family-friendly vibe. Read more»
“Best Aquariums in the South”
Do you have little ones who love to frolic with the fish? The Aquarium at Fort Fisher is among some of the best places to see aquarium creatures. Read more»