Discover Serenity and Hidden Gems

Kure Beach is known as North Carolina’s Small Wonder for good reason. The destination is home to scenic, natural surroundings that will make you forget your busy schedule and become one with nature. 

Hidden Sanctuary

Escape to one of the few remaining undeveloped stretches of shoreline on the southern coast at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area. Take a leisurely stroll, during which time you can comb the beach for sea stars, keyhole urchins and whelk shells in a beautiful natural setting. Six miles of beach offers the chance to see 16 threatened and endangered coastal creatures like pelicans and Loggerhead sea turtles in their natural habitat. The recreation area is popular for sunbathing, surf fishing, shelling and birding, too, and four-wheel-drive vehicles are allowed seasonally with required permits.

Views that Rock

Located near the coast of Fort Fisher, Kure Beach’s coquina rock formation is host to a very rare and distinctive mossy hard rock outcropping. Only visible during low tide, the rock is cemented together by seashells and coral with an estimated origin ranging from 12,000 to 80,000 years ago.

Majestic Landscapes

Pack a blanket and relax underneath the gnarled live oaks of the maritime forest at Fort Fisher State Historic Site. The picturesque setting is an excellent place to savor a picnic, catch an afternoon nap or revel in an ocean sunrise or a river sunset because at this site you get both.