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Hollywood Location Walk

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  • Join an entertaining and self-important Director on a 90-minute movie and tv extravaganza into one of America's largest living film sets. See movie and tv locations both past and present and discover why, with 500+ film credits, Wilmington is Hollywood East! This tour is "Guest Specific" meaning each day's walk is based on what you, the fan, are interested in. So whether you want to see locations for specific movies or tv shows, hear about your favorite actors, find out how they make it snow in July (or make 3 locations look like one or how Wilmington ended up becoming Wilmywood), we've got you covered. We'll even let you know who's in town, what and where their filming and where the stars have been seen wining and dining. We'll even stop by a live film set if they're filming in town! Locally owned since 2006, get ready for lights, camera, action on the Hollywood Location Walk!

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