Wrightsville Beach – Stand Up Paddleboarding’s East Coast Hot Spot

While stand up paddleboarding (SUP) may be new to some, it’s certainly not new to Wrightsville Beach. Over the last few years the island has become one of the nation’s top spots for those who have taken to the sport. When visiting Wrightsville Beach, you’re bound to see a few people participating.

SUP (Stand Up Paddleboarding)If you have never been stand up paddleboarding, but want to give it a try, you’re in luck! Wrightsville Beach is home to plenty of companies that rent boards & paddles, teach beginners and give paddleboarding tours around Wrightsville Beach. These instructors are experts and can teach you how to balance yourself and proper paddling techniques.

Stand up paddleboarding is an activity anyone can enjoy. There are very few limitations regarding age, weight or skill. Children and adults alike have had successful learning sessions in Wrightsville Beach. It should be noted that while anyone can get the hang of it, stand up paddleboarding is certainly a workout, and that’s why so many people enjoy it.

Rather than just going for a jog on the beach or waiting around for open machines in the gym, stand up paddleboarding offers a full body workout in a wide-open environment. You get all of the benefits of spending a few hours in the gym, but instead you get to enjoy the beautiful outdoors around Wrightsville Beach. Stand up paddleboarding instructors offer fitness classes centered around the sport. Some even offer stand up paddleboarding Yoga!

Wrightsville Beach has made its reputation as a stand up paddleboarding hot spot thanks to the variety of opportunities and the many channels and waterways available. As we just mentioned there are fitness classes for those looking for a workout, but there are plenty more options for those just looking to experience Wrightsville Beach in a unique way. Whether you want sunrise tours or sunset tours, salt marsh or open ocean, the instructors in Wrightsville Beach will make your stand up paddleboarding adventure unforgettable.

If you would like to try stand up paddleboarding in Wrightsville Beach, here is a list of local rental companies and instructors:

Blockade Runner Soundside Rentals

Cape Fear Paddleboarding

Carolina PaddleBoard Co.

Wrightsville Kayak Company

Wrightsville SUP