Exploring Wilmington's African American History

African American contributions to the economic and cultural development of Wilmington are significant and far-reaching. Having comprised the majority of Wilmington’s population for many centuries, African Americans played an important role in shaping the region’s history.

While the African American experience in Wilmington was at times violent and painful, progress is being made as we attempt to learn from social injustices of the past.

To gain greater understanding of the region’s rich and complex history, one can learn about Wilmington’s Black heritage and influential community members through a variety of African American history tours, museum exhibits, historical sites, markers and outdoor art.

Museum exhibitions and attractions can help develop a deeper understanding and appreciation of the struggles of African Americans and their contributions to Wilmington’s cultural heritage. Tours of African American heritage sites provide a meaningful way to explore several centuries of Black history and its lasting imprint on the Wilmington region. Tour stops include historically significant markers and landmarks, as well as residential, religious, educational, burial and cultural sites.