Spoiler Alert: You're going to love your One Tree Hill tour of Wilmington. Fans of the popular WB drama flock to the area to tour our riverside sites and recreate the show's most epic scenes. See the locations where Chad Michael Murray, Sophia Bush, James Lafferty and Hilarie Burton began their television careers. Between 2003 and 2012, 288 episodes over nine seasons were filmed in the Wilmington area. This is the story of two half-brother's life of conflict and affinity and their rivalry on and off the basketball court.

Visitors love taking self-guided tours of businesses and attractions that were filmed on the show in Wilmington's Historic River District. We've put together a map and list of landmarks that are must-see locations for One Tree Hill fans. Get ready for your stroll through "Tree Hill" North Carolina.

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One Tree Hill Tour: Downtown Filming Locations


Water Street Park

Start off at Water Street Park, which is located on the Wilmington Riverwalk across from the Alton Lennon Federal Courthouse. It is recognizable as the backdrop for some outdoor basketball games during the show.

Wilmington Riverwalk

"Don't say I never gave you anything." Grab a box of Cracker Jacks to recreate the famous film scene along the Riverwalk. At the base of Dock Street along Water Street near the historic J.W. Brooks building, you'll find the famous "Naley Bench" where Nathan gave Haley the Cracker Jack bracelet. You'll see more familiar sites as you stroll the Wilmington Riverwalk overlooking the Cape Fear River, including the location where the annual "Burning Boat Festival" took place.


"Produce Market"

The outdoor patio of the restaurant at 5 South Water St. (currently Michael's on the Waterfront) served as an open-air produce market in several episodes.


Black Cat Shoppe

You'll recognize the Black Cat Shoppe at 8 Market St. as the CD store where Chris (Tyler Hilton) worked, although it's no longer a CD store.


Edge of Urge

In that same block, Edge of Urge at 18 Market St. was the setting of a lingerie shop in the show.

Blue Post Billiards

"What's your take on tattoos?" Blue Post Billiards at 15 South Water St. appeared many times throughout the show. This nightlife hot spot is where Lucas and Brooke went on their tattoo date. If visiting this location, know that you must be 21 or over to enter.


Reel Café

Head south on Front Street to Reel Café, 100 South Front St. This is the filming location of "Carl's Crab Shack," where Brooke got a PR job.


9 S Front St. (Former location of Platypus & Gnome Restaurant)

The location at 9 S Front St., doubled as a restaurant during season five of the show.

The Dixie Grill

The Dixie Grill at 116 Market St. served as the location of Sam's favorite diner, where Brooke's foster child hung out during several episodes.



Graystone at 100 South Third St. doubled as a funeral home and as a New York apartment and hotel room during season five.

St. James Episcopal Church

The school at St. James Episcopal Church at 25 S. 3rd St. doubled as Jamie's preschool on the show.

New Hanover County Courthouse

The historic New Hanover County Courthouse, 24 North Third St., is where the show's cast hung out during season one's filming of Keith and Lucas' car crash scenes at the corner of Third and Princess. Courthouse interiors were used during an election rally.


Thalian Hall

At the corner of Third and Chestnut streets are the front steps and Corinthian columns of Thalian Hall, which frequently doubled as the steps of town hall.


Hell's Kitchen

Hell's Kitchen at 118 Princess St. is the location of the show's "Swinging Donkey Bar."


New Hanover County Public Library

New Hanover County Public Library at 201 Chestnut St. posed as a health clinic in the show.

Karen’s Café & Tree Hill Café (formerly Clean Juice)

The building at 300 North Front St. stood in as "Karen's Cafe" in the pilot episode and also "Tree Hill Cafe" in the show’s final season.

"Karen's Cafe"

Once the series was picked up, crews built a designated set for "Karen's Cafe" on the opposite corner of Grace Street at North Front Street. During season six, the set for "Karen's Cafe" was removed and the space was transformed into the "Clothes over Bros." set, then later revived as "Karen’s Cafe". The spot now houses Outdoor Equipped and Redix stores.


Grace United Methodist Church

Grace United Methodist Church at 401 Grace St. is the location of Brooke and Julian's wedding and where both Lucas and Lindsey and Keith and Jules were supposed to get married, but didn't.

Cape Fear Community College

The Cape Fear Community College campus at 411 North Front St. served as filming locations, including Whitey Durham's Field House, in several episodes. Specifically, you may recognize the Health Sciences building, library and courtyard.

"Tree Hill High School"

The front entrance of the Joe and Barbara Schwartz Center at 610 North Front St. appeared as the exterior of the show's high school. Walk around to the back of the building, which was used for the gym's exterior scenes.

Wilmington Convention Center

The Wilmington Convention Center at 10 Convention Center Dr. was the venue for Brooke & Julian’s wedding reception in season eight.


Battleship Park

Just across the Cape Fear River from downtown, there's Battleship Park on Eagle's Island. The site next to the Battleship NORTH CAROLINA served as the filming location for the River Court outdoor basketball court. The River Court was dismantled after the series ended, but taking in the views of Wilmington from this side of the river should be familiar to fans of the show.

One Tree Hill Tour: Other Wilmington Filming Locations

Greenfield Park

Greenfield Park at North Lakeshore Drive was the setting for Lucas' and Peyton's beautiful outdoor wedding in season six.


Cinespace Studios Wilmington

Cinespace Studios Wilmington is the studio and was the home base for the show. The studio (exterior view only) is located at 1223 North 23rd St. They re-named a short street that runs beside the studio “One Tree Hill Way” and the street sign is a great photo opp for fans.


Airlie Gardens

A dream sequence from One Tree Hill was shot at Airlie Gardens. In this dream, Karen envisions a fantasy scenario with her lost love Keith, along with their young daughter Lily, who is frolicking amongst the azaleas.


Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park

Parts of the show were filmed at Jungle Rapids Family Fun Park at 5320 Oleander Dr. Fans will remember scenes from the arcade, miniature golf course and Big Splash Café and Pizzeria.


The Stadium Batting Cages

Several scenes in the show were shot at The Stadium Batting Cages at 5570 Oleander Dr.


Performance Auto Specialist

Performance Auto Specialist at 19 Covil Ave. is the filming site of the Scott Body Shop where Nathan and his uncle worked.

One Tree Hill Tour: Beach Filming Locations

Johnnie Mercer Fishing Pier

Johnnie Mercer Fishing Pier at Wrightsville Beach was used as a location on the show.


Fort Fisher State Recreation Area

Nathan and Haley were married by the rocks at Fort Fisher State Recreation Area, which is located just south of Kure Beach.